Our Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Process


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We supply a number of Graphic Design services, covering logo design, design for print, web design and a variety of other related services. If you are looking for any of these, or something specific then why not contact us on +44 01472 350565 or email sales@venturegraphicdesign.uk where we will be happy to help

A Graphic Design Process, bringing creative vision and ideas to your business

Ideas always start from something very basic, that is why we start from very basic sketches when brainstorming creative ideas through our Graphic Design Process for your business. It is part of the process, and we always aim to take the root idea and deliver an end design result that will bring you success.

Our Graphic Design Process uses creative skills with your brief to create designs that are lasting and well suited to the environment for which you wish to apply your business, product or service.

Before we undertake any Graphic Design Process, we need a little information about your requirements. A simple brief about your aims will be sufficient, and to give both parties a starting point.

From your brief we draft out ideas for you to view, to make a decision on which you would like to develop further.

Ideas are then taken onto another level and developed further into roughs or mockups so that you can see how an end design may look. You can then decide which one of the bunch you like the most, which gives us a good foundation for developing your final design.

Depending on the circumstances your final design will be developed around a single design or from a single idea with several variations in order to reach a final design which is then polished ready to be used across a variety of online or offline media.

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